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For the people who have access to the site, please tell me what you think of it right now.
On the whole, it looks pretty nice Smile

Just a few things that I personally would alter:

put the logout button on the left-hand menu bar, like below the account cp link. I would also say that the font shouldn't be a mix of sans-serif and serif. I personally would say that the sans-serif font is much nicer.

Apart from those two things, it's very good
Actually the font is some font from google called droid.

The problem with the logout button is if it isn't where it currently is there would be too much negative space up top....
Oh yeah, it would look empty with the logout button on the left Wink

Maybe you could make the left-hand menu bar a menu for the airline management etc and you could make the logout section like the account menu bar, or maybe where information pages found. I just think the logout button looks a bit lonely all up there by itself Tongue
Well for the airline pages the left sidebar is much more full lol Tongue

this is what the left sidebar looks like on airline pages: (so far)
[Image: sUHhvdz.png?1]
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