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See-Through Templates

Feel free to use these for anything. They've been made using, so they probably work best in that program Wink

Airbus A18

[Image: DljLjge.png1]

Airbus A319

[Image: k53rnpr.png]

Airbus A320

[Image: 4f40v3Z.png]

Airbus A321

[Image: 7b2xe3V.png]

Douglas DC-9-10

[Image: BFIsLTY.png]

Douglas DC-9-30

[Image: EYsu0pZ.png]

Douglas DC-9-40

[Image: vi0xjUT.png]

Douglas DC-9-50

[Image: OmgXUXa.png]

More to come . . .

A319 and A320 added Smile
Very nice


Boeing 737-100

[Image: WHDvDkF.png]

Boeing 737-200

[Image: Oz6sbvm.png]

Boeing 737-300

[Image: G0pB0ha.png]
Love the shiny engine

Beechcraft 1900D

[Image: WGZjzUA.png]

Boeing 747-100

[Image: wn2LwKY.png]

Boeing 747-200

[Image: UrTOax5.png]

Boeing 747-300

[Image: 07TRFic.png]

Boeing 747-400

[Image: s9VXYKu.png]

Embraer ERJ-170

[Image: vG5e3I7.png]
Two more:

Airbus A330-200

[Image: rGMrQSQ.png]

Boeing 777-200F

[Image: hEuK6wi.png]

330 be 👌
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