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Full Version: Russian Airplanes
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I would like the following airplanes to be added:

Sukhoi Superjet 100
Irkut MS-21-200
Irkut MS-21-300
Irkut MS-21-400

...and the chinese:

Comac C919
Shanghai Y-10 (Interesting)

...and the japanese:

Kawasaki YPX
Keep in mind, the Irkut's and the C919 are still in development, only 3 Y10's were built (all prototypes), and the Kawasaki is still on the drawing board. No orders or options have been placed for the ARJ21-900, however deliveries of the -700 variant should start soon. And the superset definately should be added.
I didn't know Kawasaki made airplanes.
(02-02-2015 06:54 PM)Weston Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't know Kawasaki made airplanes.
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