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Daily Update: 8/31/14
-Preparing database for game.
-Enhancing security.
-Finished the 'My Airlines' page.

@americarocks: register and confirm an account then PM Weston
@Weston: once you receive the PM from americarocks using the admin ModTools promote americarocks to admin
@both: check out the My Airlines page and tell me what you think!
@americarocks: work on correcting the terms of use. See The 8/27/14 Update Page 2
@Weston: take screenshot of my airlines and post. BTW you don't need to upload to imgur just upload it here as an attachment Wink
@both: get me a secretary Tongue

^^^ can be found in staff forum as well.

| I'm the Lead Core Developer! |

A picture is worth 1000 words. FH is worth 7451 [u]lines[/u]!

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