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Cargo planes to be added
I thought the 225 and 380F were gonna be super-rare special occasion only planes....

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I agree the rare planes can be added but in a limit number and for special cargo only.
(09-23-201402:09 PM)yangc9635 Wrote:
(09-23-201411:12 AM)americarocks Wrote: The a380F was also a discontinued project and the AN-225 is incredibly rare

None of these planes should exist in the challenge world.
In the normal world, you can limit how many of these planes there are/what type of cargo they can carry, etc.
In the relaxed world, no restrictions (because, it is the relaxed world.)
Also, Wikipedia doesn't list prices for everything...
very true but most planes they do:
Boeing 737 NG:
737-700: US$74.8 million
737-800: US$90.5 million
737-900ER: US$94.6 million
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