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Vieques, Puerto Rico
04-02-2015, 04:58 PM
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Vieques, Puerto Rico
So, as I posted in an absences thread while I was sitting in Terminal A-West at PHL, I went on vacation, to an island called Vieques, just off the east coast of Puerto Rico.


Date: 3/22
Flight: AWE771 (USAir/American)
Departure/Arrival: 9:45 AM/1:45 AM
From/To: PHL/SJU
Aircraft: N270AY (A333)
This flight was above-average. We were all put on a Europe-configured A333 (in the American livery), so we had the full-entertainment platform: 200 movies, 18 music channels, video games...everything you would expect for a 10 hour flight. We were originally going to be on a B752, but an equipment change left us with a plane with open seats. (My family of 4 ended up taking 6 seats Tongue) The only bad thing about this flight was that we were delayed an hour because of an A/C fault.

Date: 3/26
Flight: 9K2831 (Cape Air)
Departure/Arrival: 1:05 PM/1:30 PM
From/To: SJU/VQS
Aircraft: N68391 (C402)
This flight was a short one; most of it was waiting for takeoff clearance at SJU. Although the pilot did do some cool maneuvers to counter the crosswind while landing at VQS.

Date: 4/1
Flight: 9K2801 (Cape Air)
Departure/Arrival: 10:05 AM/10:30 AM
From/To: VQS/SJU
Aircraft: N258BP (C402)
Another short flight, but for this flight I sat in the copilot's seat and it was very cool seeing the instruments and piloting of the plane. Although I found it strange that it wasn't equipped with some of the basic instruments on the copilot side such as the artificial horizon and the altimeter/vertical speed indicator.

Date: 4/1
Flight: AWE678 (USAir/American)
Departure/Arrical: 12:35 PM/4:35 PM
From/To: SJU/PHL
Aircraft: N939UW (B752)
I could not have imagined a worse flight, at least in comparison to the first. 4 hours...sitting in an uncomfortable seat...doing nothing but staring at the seat in front of me...which had a few screaming entertainment at all...hell...
There is only 1 worse flight I can recall, which was an AAL flight to dallas that got diverted to another airport because of a tornado near DFW and we ended up turning back to PHL to hear that the next flight with seats was in three days.

But now that I'm done rambling about that....


Average. Clean, security was quicker than normal (1 hour is normal for the PHL security line), check in was OK because we showed up early.

Worst airport I have ever stepped into. Ceiling tiles, yellowed, falling. Only 20 seats in the gate waiting area. Little ventilation. Speakers didn't work. Golf carts navigating through mobs of standing people (standing b/c there were no seats!) I will not go into details about the bathrooms because I fear there will be to many expletives.... Confused

A sleepy airport. From the outside you walked up a ramp to the top floor where there are 4 check in desks, then continue down a spiral staircase to the 1-gate terminal. No security checkpoint. No customs/immigration. No problems at all.

And I think that's everything. If you'd like something to be added to this, just say so!

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04-02-2015, 09:43 PM
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RE: Vieques, Puerto Rico
Nice and funny. Dark clouds are also part of the landscape.

Welcome back!

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